Beef Quality Assurance

Texas beef producers take pride in producing a quality beef product for the consumer. That’s why the Texas Beef Council’s beef resources team emphasizes the importance of producing a quality product. 

Whether it’s information on upcoming events, improving understanding of quality assurance and beef safety publications, research on final reports funded through the beef checkoff or learning about committee members leading the area of beef quality, the beef resources page offers it all.

Beef 706

Beef 706 is a program designed to educate cattle producers about factors impacting safety and quality of beef. As part of the Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) efforts and with the help of beef checkoff funds, Beef 706 focuses on impacting beef producers’ management decisions by exemplifying the results of the National Beef Quality Audit (NBQA).

All beef quality efforts, including Beef 706, are based on the current NBQA. This audit, funded in part by checkoff dollars, takes place every five years and serves as a benchmark for the cattle industry. The 2005 NBQA is being used to identify quality challenges and establish new targets for quality levels.

Beef 706 is a one and a half day educational hands-on experience. Beef producers learn about safety and quality issues affecting their product. Beef producers also have the opportunity to ask questions of professors and extension specialists in meat science and beef cattle production. This program encourages interactive dialogue, a valuable educational tool.

"Delivering a safe, consistent, quality product is the best way to increase beef consumption," said Dr. Dan Hale, extension meat specialist, Texas Agri-Life Extension. "Producers should be aware that the day-to-day management of their cattle, whether we’re talking about branding, weaning, handling or even herd vaccination plans; these all impact the quality and wholesomeness of beef."

If you are a Texas beef producer interested in learning more about your product, this program is for you. Check out a sample agenda or sign-up for an upcoming class today.

If you need more information on educational programs conducted in the area of beef quality, please contact Jason Bagley.

TBQP Program

A voluntary program, the Texas Beef Quality Producer (TBQP) program is the beef quality assurance program for cow/calf and stocker operators in Texas. Currently in its fourteenth year, approximately 5,200 beef producers have been directly trained in the principles of beef quality assurance. The trainings are completed through county meetings, regional meetings or through an interactive online training. In addition, other BQA programs are geared towards day-workers, cattle transporters, order buyers and livestock marketers.

The program’s mission is to promote good management practices for cattle producers in an effort to strengthen consumer confidence in beef as a wholesome food product. Beef quality, food safety and environmental stewardship guide the principals for the TBQP program. A main focus of the program is food safety. Eliminating residues, blemishes and foreign objects is critical to maintaining consumer confidence and acceptance of beef as the protein choice in their diet. These topics are important in young fed cattle, as well as cull breeding stock (“market” cows and herd bulls) which provide approximately 15 to 20 percent of total beef production. The program will help you become more cost effective, make better decisions, produce a better food product and most important, increase demand.

No matter what type of cattle you raise, the size of your herd or even your reason for owning them, cattle all end up on someone's plate. This is why BQA programs like the TBQP program, remain an important aspect of the beef industry and all cattle producers should take advantage of the educational efforts being offered.

The TBQP programs are funded by Texas beef checkoff dollars and Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, presented in cooperation with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. All trainings are FREE to Texas beef producers.

For additional information, online training opportunities and a list of upcoming TBQP related events please visit