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  • Texas Youth Attend Unique Beef 706

    AUSTIN, TX – Class was in session this summer at Texas Tech University where students participated in a Beef 706 designed entirely for Texas youth. The checkoff-funded class provided an overview of the beef industry and a hands-on learning experience on beef quality. For more than 25 years the traditional Beef 706 program has been educating beef producers about the factors impacting the safety and quality of beef.

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  • New Leadership Represents Texas Cattle Producers on Texas Beef Council Board

    The Texas Beef Council’s (TBC) newly elected board of directors began the new fiscal year leading the state’s producer-run beef marketing organization. The TBC board of directors consists entirely of beef producers providing representation of the state through organization affiliation. In addition, the board may elect two directors at large, without nomination by a qualified organization, to round out the board with equitable geographic and sector representation.

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  • Texas State Beef Checkoff Program Underway

    Collections under Texas’ new state beef checkoff program began Oct. 1, 2014 after Texas beef producers voted to establish a state-level beef checkoff program, which was approved by a wide margin of 66 percent of voters. The Texas Department of Agriculture conducted the referendum upon petition by cattle industry organizations under the authorities designated by the Texas Legislature.

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  • Keeping Beef Center of the Plate

    The Culinary Educators Training Conference recently wrapped up its 11th annual event earlier this summer in Austin. A partnership between the Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation, Le Cordon Bleu® College of Culinary Arts and the Texas Beef Council (TBC), the conference hosted more than 120 high school culinary arts teachers from across the state.

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  • Fitness and Nutrition Professionals Live Well with Beef

    More than 30 health and fitness experts recently joined the Texas Beef Council (TBC) for Live Well 2014. The workshop provided an opportunity to connect with online communicators who are fitness professionals, fitness-focused registered dietitians, pro-triathletes and trainers. Importantly, the invite-only workshop gave attendees a chance to learn more about beef nutrition, test their cooking skills and meet some of the nation’s leading nutrition, specifically protein, researchers.

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